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The Emotional Intelligence Skill that Helped Scottie Scheffler Win the Masters

Scottie Scheffler recently won the Masters for the second time. Another incredible performance from the world number 1, cementing his place as the best golfer on the planet and the man to beat during the 2024 season.  

 After his triumph, he gave a fascinating interview that provided an insight into his approach, mindset and perspective on life. It was also a brilliant example of emotional intelligence in action. Specifically, the skill of self-awareness.  

 When responding to a journalist, Scheffler said, “winning this golf tournament does not change my identity, my identity is secure, and I cannot emphasise that enough.” He said this after talking about the importance of getting home to be with his wife as she was due to give birth to their first child.  

 These comments suggest that Scheffler is clear about who he is as a golfer and a person and what matters to him in life. He knows that whatever happens on the golf course will not impact his identity and living and breathing his values, such as spending time with and caring for his family. Cultivating this level of self-knowledge won’t have happened by chance – like training your muscles in the gym, Scheffler will have worked on it for quite some time to see the benefits.  

 Developing a deep understanding of yourself is a powerful approach to dealing with pressure, maintaining a sense of wellbeing, and performing at your best. At HeadCoach, we help athletes and coaches unlock their potential by developing skills such as self-awareness through our cutting-edge mobile app.  

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