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Tommy Fleetwood's Ryder Cup Magic Moment: The Art of Self-Control

Tommy Fleetwood's shot of a lifetime to win the Ryder Cup exemplified not only his remarkable golfing skills but also his unwavering self-control. Here are some ways in which he demonstrated self-control in that critical moment on the 16th hole at Marco Simone in Rome to bring home the Ryder cup.

Emotional Composure

Golf is a sport where emotions can run high, especially in a high-stakes event like the Ryder Cup. However, Fleetwood remained emotionally composed, particularly in that pivotal moment. Self-control in golf often means not letting the pressure of the situation overwhelm you. Fleetwood's ability to stay calm under intense pressure allowed him to focus on the task at hand without being distracted by difficult thoughts, anxiety or excitement.


Self-control in golf is closely linked to mental focus. Fleetwood showed exceptional mental discipline by maintaining his concentration on the shot he needed to execute. He didn't allow his mind to wander to the potential consequences of the shot or the crowd's reaction. Instead, he honed in on the technical aspects of his swing and his target, which is a crucial aspect of self-control in golf.

Routine and Process

Many golfers have pre-shot routines that help them maintain self-control and focus. These routines help manage internal and distractions and ensure that each shot is executed to the best of their ability. Fleetwood likely relied on his routine to stay composed, trust his process, and ensure that he approached the shot methodically.


Tommy Fleetwood's ability to hit the shot of a lifetime to win the Ryder Cup was a testament to his self-control. By remaining emotionally composed, maintaining focus, adhering to his routine, and managing his physiological responses, he demonstrated the kind of mental discipline that separates great golfers from the rest. His remarkable self-control in that critical moment undoubtedly played a crucial role in securing victory for his team.

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